Expressly for 1/10 Touring-car racing competition engine

Almost all the parts including the crank case have been re-tuned from O.S.Speed 12XZ specIII which has won at Japanese TC Nats in 2013. We again precisely questioned ourselves for "what is the specifications for win?". Our answer is "longer stroke." As the result, not only the torque feeling at low to middle range is improved but better gas mileage are realized. The brand new O.S.Speed T1201 also loaded with DLC coated crank shaft and other cylinder/piston, inner head, carb are accurately tuned again too. The lower height outer head contributes for lower center of gravity and better cooling characteristics. Bearing: F-Steel ball, R-Ceramic ball
Bearing: F-steel ball, R-Ceramic ball


DLC Coated Crankshaft with Tungsten weights and potted with silicone.
Piston and cylinder: DLC Coated Crankshaft with Tungsten weights and potted with silicone.

Crankcase:Rear ceramic ball bearing for reduced rolling resistance. New crankcase design provides efficient fuel flow from intake to exhaust.
Outer Cylinder Head and Button: Newly designed and improved head better cooling capacity, light weight due to machined cooling holes
Carburetor: Slide valve 12F3(B) carburetor with new design. Improved response time. Easy to tune.



DisplacementĀF 2.10cc ( Bore: 13.67mm (0.538in.) Stroke: 14.3mm (0.563in.) Practical RPM: 5,000~45,000r.p.m. Power Output: 1.75ps/35,000r.p.m. (1.73hp/35,000r.p.m.) Weight: 223g (7.87oz.)

STANDARD ACCESSORIES---------------------
Glow plug RP6, Exhaust Seal Ring, Dust Cap(ɔ3 x 1pc. /ɔ16 x 2pcs.)